withLove Releases 1st Single - "Worth It All"

What a couple weeks it has been for withLove! The last time we talked – we were just on the edge of recording, and still putting together last minute changes to the music! Now, we have finished recording and we are now just waiting for the studio. If you have not heard already, we released our first studio single, “Worth it All”! It is now available on several streaming services and you can also purchase the single on our website!
Right now we are going through the waiting stage for the album, as anxious as we are, we know that God has everything under control!
We ask that you continually lift us up in prayer as we are going through this beautiful but stretching process!
Upcoming Dates: 
Mark your calendars for  October 15th! We are having a Album Release Concert! It is going to be super dope!
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