Romania 2015 – withLove Music


The withLOVE Movement. 

We are excited to tell the world about our movement called “withLove.” Our mission: To be a diverse group creating music that reveals the truth of who Jesus is by reflecting God’s love, world-wide. Basically, Love God. Love people. Do everything withLove.

The Cause:

From Aug 27, 2015 – Sep 8, 2015 (13 days), withLove will travel to Timisoara, Romania. We have the honor of leading evangelism and discipleship workshop /camp with under-privileged youth and young adult leaders from all over Romania, to equip them for discipling others with the love of Christ in their own communities. We will leverage our music, community service, and street ministry alongside “Greater Europe Mission” missionaries ( and the local church to ignite a spiritual revival with the love of Christ to the young and old alike! The team/band includes 6 gifted musicians and a videographer who will donate their time, talents, and resources to this incredible project!

* Because we are not pocketing any money for this trip, we do have 1 full-time career drummer who will need compensation while in Romania since he will not be in the U.S. to make his regular dollar.

* Because many of the youth and young adult leaders that are wanting to come are poor and under-privileged (many are in families living off of $300 /month), we are establishing a scholarship fund so that they can come to this camp and be poured into by what God is doing through us in Romania! $300 gets 1 kid to the camp! And the more we raise, the more kids that are being blessed to bless others in their local communities!

Prayer is the BEST support we can ask for! Because this is a missions trip, it takes a united community to accomplish these goals. Traveling mercies, mission success, and financial provisions are just a few things that we need prayer for.

The Need: 

We are asking for your support in donations to make this trip possible! Based on the amount you give, you automatically receive a tangible perk or we like to say a ‘Love’ gift from us! You reap what you sow! That’s what makes this campaign perfect for what’s we’re doing because it helps rally our community to achieve this Kingdom mission together!

We have until Aug 20, 2015 to raise $7000 to cover needed costs for our missions trip! Click on the donate button at the bottom of this page! 

Every penny collected will be used toward the following:

+$1000 Videography to document the trip

+$3000 Romanian Student Scholarship Fund

+$1000 Backpay for our full-time career musician while on the trip

+$2000 Miscellaneous fees and expenses (travel insurance, lodge, travel, food, etc)

NONE of the money raised is for profit – meaning it all goes toward the success of this missions trip.

Thank YOU. 

Your prayers, encouragement, and/or financial support of any amount will not only be a blessing to us, but a 10-fold blessing to you and Romania as well! Thank you in advance for your support.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at You can stay up to date with us at and on Facebook(, Twitter (@withLoveMusic_), Instagram(@withLoveMusic), and Youtube (search “withLove pour your love”). May God bless you richly!


Below are some risks and their associated mitigations that we foresee going on this trip. We have not found anything that would be a likely, high impact risk that would deter us from going on this trip. 

1. Risk: Money NOT getting raised in time (Unlikely, High impact)

Mitigation: Spread the word as much and as often as possible via social media and your own networks, Follow up with people constantly, paying out of pocket, but MOST OF ALL – Prayer and Speaking/Believing in Faith.

2. Risk: Not getting through borders and customs at Romania (Very unlikely, High Impact)

Mitigation: Passport acquired, but Visas are NOT required. Verification below:

* Here is the official Romanian government site with the list of countries whose citizens do not need visas for stays of up to 90 days:

* Here is also a Romania tourist site that also supports this:

3. Risk: Health Emergencies (very unlikely, Moderate-High impact)

Mitigation: Travel Insurance, on-site nurse available, local hospital (within 100 miles)

4. Risk: Instrument Damage (unlikely, Low impact)

Mitigation: Travel Insurance for reimbursement, rent /borrow equipment from local residents and music shops.