Local Band Helps West Baltimore Youth Stay Warm For The Winter With Clothes Drive At Annual Holiday Party



Withlove has leveraged a holiday party for West Baltimore kids to run a winter clothes drive for the local youth this past Saturday December 2. From the Love Sessions to this Love Project, a group of 20 young adults volunteered their time to spend with a group of 40 kids through a hot meal, nail-care, and cool arts and crafts projects. The price of admission? Love and if able, donate clean, gently-used kids winter clothes. They raised over 40 large bags of winter clothes for the kids of Agape House in West Baltimore. In their 3rd year, withLove has quietly but consistently been putting on this holiday party. When asked why, Amber – the Love Project director shares “We love building relationships with the local community, especially the kids that regularly attend this community center and are always excited to see us come back because most volunteers rarely do. To put a face to a name over the year goes farther for these kids than you think. They remember you when you come back. The kids may be a few inches taller, maybe a few teeth missing, but those kids smiles are enough to show that their is hope in the midst of less-than-ideal surroundings.”

agape-withlove-2These kids are special because they get special attention from Agape House being under-resourced due to problems in the home, malnutrition, out-of-pocket parents, etc. So being able to get a hot meal over the weekend and something positive to do to avoid violence in the local area is life-giving for these kids and their families. And to have young adults spend time with them means a great deal to these kids. You can see it in their eyes as they laugh and spend time painting and glueing cotton balls for a snow man, or painting the “accent nail” on their ring finger, or getting the biggest little hug from 2 to 3 kids at the same time!


withLove leverages their event “The Love Sessions” where they highlight their music in the local community through illustrious concerts to attract people. The Love Sessions are so inspiring that they want to take this message of love into action by serving their local community in a following Love Project. The two events are strategically planned together so that The Love Sessions can bring people together through LOVE and the arts, and The Love Projects can leverage those people to take action in their own communities in positive tangible acts of love. It sends a powerful musical message to the local community that this young generation cares too and if brought together for the right cause, they too can impact positive change to their local communities far and wide.

Now the Love Sessions and the Love Project over the years has become a movement of young adults that just want to bring more love and beauty into a world that is overflowing with hate and violence.

Next time, maybe you can join them on one of these adventures and find out what the next Love Project will be at the next Love Sessions, which is on February 24, 2018. Find out more details on our shows page!