Leaning on God's faithfulness


Salud! (That means hello in Romanian!) The time for our departure is quickly approaching. Soon we will be in Romania, pouring the love of God into many people throughout this beautiful country in Eastern Europe. Our hearts are full, and so far this has been a journey of faith and trusting in God. We have been tremendously blessed on the donations ($10,000) and it has been phenomenal to watch what God is already doing. It’s a beautiful process learning to rely on God’s faithfulness! As a team, we have been learning that trusting in God is not always easy. Often we hear the simple phrase, “Trust in God” we take it, and we run with it. But, trust is a verb, it takes work. It takes looking at a situation, not seeing the results, and still working with a heart full of hope to reach the goal. It’s a stretching experience, and it has allowed the band to feel raw and be able to rely on God that they might not have felt the need to rely on him before Romania.

Even throughout the preparation for the trip, we see God’s hand moving, and favoring us. We can all say that we have learned that we do not have to strive because we are His children, and He is our Father. Children do not strive for gifts that were already promised over us, and that’s a reassuring statement. We have had many meetings with Dwight and Dawn, missionaries based in Romania, and it has been a great time learning about the culture, the people, and the hearts.

As a band, we are nervous and excited. We have seen the elbow grease that has been taken to make this trip happen but all in all, it is the faithfulness of Jesus that has brought us this far, and will continue to see us through. Every detail did not go as we planned, but God is faithful, God is always faithful!

We want to personally express our gratitude to all of our donors, and those who have and continue to lift us up in prayer. We cannot wait to share with you all the work that God is doing in Romania!