Artists and Community Come Together at the Inner Harbor


On Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 3:30-7pm, “The Love Sessions” is happening!

This concert will not only feature live music from several locally acclaimed artists such as withLove, but also bring art, spoken word, and dance to the stage as well. No matter what happens, the Love Sessions is about one thing: Love. It’s intention is to collaborate with the local community to bring more love to the streets and less forms of hate such as violence and social injustice.

The Love Sessions has been happening at various venues across Baltimore and Columbia since 2014. November 11th will be the last Love Sessions of this year and will be happening on its largest platform yet – the McKeldin Square at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.

What makes this event so popular is it’s nature to connect art and people together from diverse backgrounds into an interactive experience with music. It’s a Christ-centered event, meaning that this is a concert intended to help people connect with God on deeper levels through the arts, but is not intended to obligate or pressure anyone to believe in God or practice their beliefs.

David Warren, the leader of withLove and organizer of the event, expresses excitement about the the Love Sessions because he focuses the event on “accepting everyone as they come – no matter their beliefs, color, or orientation – in an environment where people are loved for who they are and set free to channel their raw emotions and thoughts through the abundant atmosphere of art and music”. He simply requests everyone to do one thing when they come – that is to Love – whether that’s loving God, loving one another, or doing everything with love.

So much happens at the Love Sessions in only 2.5 hours – live music if being performed on-stage, leaders that are appointed to facilitate different forms of art, facilitate painting, writing, dancing, and prayer. This creates a fascinating chain reaction of people responding to this energetic atmosphere through paintings, poems, dance-offs, and prayers – while inadvertently building relationships with one another.

In a nutshell, the Love Sessions provides the tools and platform for people to love and create, and ask people to simply come as they are to enjoy themselves, and the company of the local community.

November 11th is just around the corner and you can find out more information about the Love Sessions on our ticket site here. Make sure to dress warmly (and bring a chair) for this outdoor event!